Top 5 Must-Have Products For Every Cat Owner


The secret life of pets was a fascinating movie that made people realize that pets are not toys. When you leave your fury friend at home
all day, they get very bored and needs something to keep them busy until you come back. Most cat owners think that a cat will be fine if you leave the litter box and some food on their bowl. If you want to keep a happy and healthy cat, here are top 5 must have products you should have in your home;


Most cat owners make the mistake of either starving their kitty’s all day or leaving them too much food until they become obese. Automatic feeders are the only solution to this because they can be loaded up with enough food that will come out at particular times of the day. This means your cat will not overfeed and it will not go hungry. There is also an automatic water fountain that will completely mesmerize your cat and you won’t have to deal with bowls getting knocked over again.


Cats are very playful, energetic and they need something to climb and scratch. A cat tree is the perfect way to keep the cat busy all day
long as they will be able to climb up and down and scratch all they want. The tree will also keep your furniture from getting ruined. There are many ways to make a cat tree and you can use wood, wire or a metal pole with cardboards if you don’t want to buy a ready-made cat tree and have qzz in your life.


Together with lions, cheetahs and leopards, cats need to hunt and catch their prey. While it may not be possible to bring mice into your house, you can bring them cat toys to mimic the hunting. The interactive mouse is one of the best toys for cats because it feels like Tom and Jerry. The toy mouse reacts to the movement of the cat and the cat gets more aggressive. There are other toys as well including the GoCat Da Bird Cat Feather Toy which has a bird dangling on a pole and your cat will have real fun trying to catch that bird. Plastic golf balls that can’t fit into their mouths are also great for keeping your cat busy and tired.


Many times you want to go out with your cat for the park or for the beach, or just walk around. Keeping your cat at home without taking him out sometime is not the best thing for him; He may get nervous or to start scratch thing at home.
The best way top carry a cat around is by having a cat pouch (get at – with this one you should be a harness as well, if you want the cat to walk with you.


The one guarantee you have if you own a cat is that there will be cat hair everywhere on your couch, bed and especially the carpet. Cat
hair can be an allergen so it needs to be cleaned often.a vacuum designed to suction all that hair off your upholstery and carpet is the best. You will also clean up any spilled cat food, and litter that wasn’t taken to the litter box.
Keeping a cat is one of the most rewarding things you can do because they are loving, playful and fun. It’s therefore important to keep your kitty happy whether you are at home or not. These 5 products will go a long way together with cuddling in the evening and regular vet visits